Taiji Quan Theory

Wang Zong Yue

Taiji Quan treatise (太極拳論)

Thirteen postures (十三勢)

Poem of pushing hands (打手歌)

Wu Yu Xiang

Taiji Quan treatise (太極拳論)

Poem of practicing the 13 postures (十三勢行工歌訣 )

Body methods (身法)

Essentials of pushing hands (打手要言)

Playing hands releasing (打手撒放)

Li Yi Yu

Five character poem (五字訣)

Secret to releasing (撒放密訣)

Essentials in practicing form and pushing hands (走架打手行工要言)

Four character secret (四字秘訣)

Ode to Taiji San Shou (太极拳散手赞)

Hao Wei Zhen

Realization of Taiji boxing (太極拳体悟)

Hao Yue Ru

Essential points of Taiji boxing (太极拳要点)

Taiji boxing form and playing hands (太極拳的走架打手)

Sun Lu Tang

Experience of boxing practice and the essential meaning of the three schools (练拳经验及三派之精意)

Boxing theory and the difference between internal and external families (论拳术内家外家之别)

Sun Jian Yun

Essentials of Taiji boxing (太极拳要点决)

General requirements on the body method of Taiji boxing (太极拳身法概要)

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