Qi Gong

Health is found in what circulates and flows!

-Chinese proverb.

qigong-painting Our Qi Gong has its roots in martial arts, taoist and buddhist Qi Gong which we have studied for many years in China. The basic set called Dao Yin Nei Gong is practised at the onset of every martial arts class.Numerous studies has shown that this form of training gives positive health benefits for breathing, digestion, skin, immune system, and the central nervous system. It also gives you a comfortable feeling of warmth throughout your body. Practising Qi Gong gives you better sleep and improved restoration and you become more optimistic and relaxed.Chinese health gymnastics (Dao Yin in Chinese) is a type of Qi Gong focusing on standing postures, soft, flowing movements and stretching. This type of Qi Gong have roots far back in time and is documented in China as early as 300 B.C. You will learn to discover and strengthen you inner power in standing positions, explore and express this inner power in movement which increases the flow of blood end energy in the body. Stretching allows you to release blockages and return to you natural agility.In avanced Qi Gong we focus more on intention, breathing and interaction. You learn to drive the life force with help of your intention to strengthen certain healthy energy flows in the body (e.g. small heavenly circulation), you will learn breathing techniques for dissolving tension, refill yourself with life force and strengthen the flow of energy in your body as well as interact with the life force around you e.g. with other people, with nature etc.

The True Man of ancient times was breathing from deep inside.
The True Man breathes with his heels; the mass of men breathe with their throats.

(Zhuang Zi)

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