Meditation can be viewed as a way to practice “just being”. You can also describe meditation as a way to “do nothing” i.e. meditation is ultimately not about something you “do” to “become” but rather about being in, and be interested in, what is. In silence and stillness there is space to look at anything that comes up without loosing oneself in it. Many who dedicate themselves to this type of meditation for a while, find that peace, joy, acceptance, presence, creativity, and enthusiasm are natural aspects of the beingness that are here without cause or outside circumstances but that has now become present in ones life.

We sit in meditation together in stillness and silence. Instructions are given to beginners and those who wants help to go deeper.

On Mondays there are usually a short talk and then we sit 2 periods of 20 min each with 5 min walking meditation in between. We regularly do week-end retreats where we, besides sitting, have Group dialogue. Meditative group dialogue is an open, dialogue about whatever is present with those who are there where everyone can contribute to the dialogue through sharing words and perspectives or by their silent attention and presence.

per_hellotus Per Nyfelt who facilitates the meditation sittings have more than three decades of meditation experience. Per’s main teacher was Toni Packer and he travels regularly to Springwater Center to participate in retreats lead by Toni’s successors.

Per has also practised Zen meditation at Stockholms Zen Center, together with the Zenv├Ągen fellowship, and in China. He has also practised and studied daoist meditation, qi gong and daoyin (chinese yoga) in China, mainly for Cao Zhenyang at White Cloud temple (Baiyunguan) in Beijing and Di Zhao Long who was a disciple of the Buddhist monk Yang Rong Ben.

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