Xing Yi Quan

意 拳
形 意 拳
心 意 六 合 拳

Sun Lu Tang
Founder of Sun style martial arts


Regarded as one of the greatest
masters of martial arts in history
Sun Jian Yun


Daughter of Sun Lu tang and ranked as one of
the ten greatest masters in China in modern times.
Per Nyfelt


Third generation inheritor of Sun style of martial arts.
Per was a disciple of Sun Jian Yun, studying with her
from 1993 till 2003

Xing Yi is an ancient martial art with clear roots back to the 16th century. The movements are both circular and straight, explosive and yet soft, firm and yet changeable. Xing Yi is extremely simple and practical yet at the same time very deep and intelligent. There are basic techniques (such as strikes, kicks locks and throws) and animal forms (to find and develop essential qualities) and the focus lies on power, listening, change, spontaneity and union of mind and body rather than learning sequences of movements.

Sun Lu Tang in three body posture (San Ti Shi)
Li Zun Si in horse shape charge punch
(Ma Xing Chong Quan)
Yao Zong Xun in one legged stance (Du Li Zhuang)

One of the main focuses in Xing Yi is to develop whole body power – when body, energy, intention, heart and force act together as one. Whole body power is practised in many different ways e.g. through standing practice, wave like motions, simple techniques, and applications in self defence situations. We mostly train with bare hands but there are weapons such as two edged sword, sabre and spear on more advanced levels that allows you to work on different aspects of whole body power in different ways.

A typical class begin with Dao Yin Qi Gong – internal exercises of Xing Yi to develop flexibility, agility and inner power. After that we do various types of strikes, punches, punches and kicks – both done in the air and on pads. Then we do applications (including locks and throws) and pushing hands.

Per Nyfelt, Xing Yi teacher at the San Cai school of martial arts, has trained in various forms of Xing Yi i China. He has mainly practised Sun style Xing Yi for Sun Jian Yun, daughter to the founder of Sun style Xing Yi, Sun Lu Tang.He has also practised 10 animal Xing Yi (Xin Yi Liu He) with Li Zun Si in Shanghai, Yi Quan and Shang style Xing Yi with Xin Li Tian and is now practising Yi Quan with master Yao Chengrong, son of Yao Zong Xun, in Beijing whenever he gets a chance to go there.

Per practising pushing hands with another student of their teacher, Yao Chengrong, in Beijing.

Xing Yi practise in the Sancai school consist of the following parts:

  • Qi Gong/Nei Gong – standing postures, stretching and soft movements to transform the body and to practise energy and power
  • Technique practise – single movements and short linked sequences(forms)
  • Applications and pair forms – practise together with a partner to learn how the techniques work
  • Pushing hands – a way to practise together to develop timing, ability to listen with the body, balance etc. It is a freer way to practise together than applications practise but not as much “all out” as sparring is
  • Sparring – both wrestling sparring and “kickboxing” sparring with various types of protection (gloves, helmets etc.)
  • Weapons training – Follows the same pattern as above (basic movements, techniques, applications, sparring). We mainly practise sword, saber, spear and short sticks

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