Ba Gua Zhang

ZhuanZhang Ba Gua Zhang is the youngest of the the three classical internal martial arts. At the Sancai school of martial arts we practice Sun Style Bagua who Per Nyfelt (who teaches Ba Gua) learned primarily from Sun Jian Yun, daughter of Sun Style Ba Gua founder Sun Lu Tang, and Di Zhao Long who was also a student of Sun Lu Tang (and of Yang Rong Ben who was the inheritor of Shi style Ba Gua). Per has also studied Liang style and Cheng You Long Style Ba Gua Zhang.Ba Gua is characterized by a very agile and active footwork where most of the practise is done walking in a circle. Another characteristic is its emphasis on improvisation and change.

Sun Style Ba Gua is very simple compared to many other styles of Ba Gua Zhang. Simple in the sense of quite few movements. However it is not an easy martial art and is usually the one taught last when learning Sun style martial arts unless there is a particular reason to do otherwise.

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