Five elements linking form

The linked form connects all elements into a sequence. It clarifies the interplay between rising, drilling, lowering and overturning. As rising, drilling, lowering and overturning are all changes between yin and yang you can say that the the linked form is a study of of the connection between 5 and 2 i.e. etween the five elements and yin and yang.

1. (Qǐdiǎn bēng quán shì) – crushing strike with right hand
2. (Qīnglóng chūshuǐ) – green dragon emerges from water
3. (Hēi hǔ chū dòng) – black tiger exists cave
4. (Báihè liàng chì) – white crane spreads wings
5. (Pàoquán shì) – blasting strike
6. (Pī quán shì) – chopping strike
7. (Bāoguǒ shì) – wrapping form
8. (Límāo shàng shù shì) – wild cat climbs up the tree
9. (Bēng quán shì) – crushing strike
10. (Huíshēn) – turning, alt keep going with step 2
11-20 same as above going back

Finish is performed identically with finishing form in crushing strike.

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