Wu Hua Pao (五花炮对练)

Traditional Sun style has San Shou Pao which has the same origin as Wu Hua Pao. In Wu Hua Pao there are an additional two movements and instead a high Beng Quan you do Zuan Quan. Correspondingly the defense shifts from Mao Xi Lian (cat washes face) to Tuo (lift). The version of Wu Hua Pao that we practice comes from Che Style Xing Yi.

A makes a pad step and moves in with either Zuan Quan or Diao Shou B slides back slightly
A press B’s elbow and pulls back left fist B meets A’s wrist to protect the lower ribs
A strikes with a Zuan Quan towards B’s nose B steps back and catches A’s wrist (Tuo)
A releases himself from B with a Heng Quan and moves in with Aubu Beng Quan B slides back and blocks down with either elbow or lower arm
A follow up with Jin Ji Dan Sao Bang (back hand strike) B slides back and meets A’s hand
B now takes A’s place and resume from the beginning – this is shifting sides back and forth. Alternatively A continues again from the beginning until there is no more space and only then will the roles change.

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