Taiji 4 Saber pair practice – 太極四刀對練 – Taiji Si Dao Dui Lian

4 Saber pair practice

1. 裏剪腕 – inward cutting wrist

2. 外剪腕 – outward cutting wrist

3. 挫腕 – obstructing wrist

4. 撩腕 – raising wrist

Left foot forward Left foot forward
劈肩 (Pī jiān) Shang bu pi dao (Spin vertically round on the right side for momentum) 里剪腕 (Lǐ jiǎn wàn) Step out to the right, step back with left foot, cut toward the opooents inside of the wrist
退步 Tui bu, dao to the right side to avoid the cut. RFF 跟步進步刺心 (Gēn bù jìnbù cì xīn) Follow step, forward step, thrust against the opponents heart (edge upwards). RFF
Kua bu 外剪腕(Wài jiǎn wàn). Step out to the left side, Sword goes above the opponets and the circle back in to cut the wrist from the outside. RFF Step to the left sword to the left to avoid the cutRFF
進步刺腰 (Jìn bù cì yāo) (thrust with edge upwards towards the side of the opponent) RFF 外挫腕 (Wài cuò wàn) Shang bu cuo. Step forward with the left foot, support the dao with the left hand and cut/block against the opponents wrist. LFF
退步 Tui bu hands down to avoid being cut. RFF 割喉(Gē hóu) Shang bu tuo dao. Right foot steps forward, blade towards the opponents throat, dao is pointing out to the right side. RFF
撩腕 (Liāo wàn) Shang jie dao. RFF 砍腿 (Kǎn tuǐ) Step back to the left, circle back to cut against knee. RFF
截腕 (Jié wàn) Lift leg to avoid the cut, circle back to cut the opponents wrist. turn around. LFF Turn around LFF

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