Dao Yin Nei Gong 导引内功

This Dao Yin sequence was developed by Per Nyfelt over 20+ years based on Dao Yin exercises taught to him by Kent Williamsson, Di Zhao Long, Sun Jian Yun and Xin Li Tian. It contains most of the exercises in Ba Duan Jin, an ancient form of Dao Yin originating sometime in the 11:th century. Variations of the other movements exists in many other branches of the martial arts of Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang suggesting that they have been practiced for at least several generations of nei gong practitioners who determined them to be valuable to develop health and internal power and hence passed them on to the next generation.

  1. Shrug the shoulders
  2. Look up and down
  3. Ear to shoulder
  4. Look to the side (look back, 后瞧) 4:th brocade in Ba Duan Jin.
  5. Bamboo bends in the wind
    Stretch out rather than just bend to side.
  6. Rub the knees and squat
  7. Lift heels and toes. Distant relative to 8:th brocade in Ba Duan Jin
    Very good exercise to strengthen the knees and improve balance. 
  8. Circle the feet and shake the legs
  9. Monkey offers peach, push the clouds, tiger embrace head (not shown in video below)
  10. Turtle turns head (not shown in video below)
  11. Push open the window to admire the moon 推窗望月 (aka Dragon roams in the clouds) (not shown in video below)
  12. Swimming dragon
  13. Arch and bend the back (alternative to Monkey offers peach…)
  14. Look behind the legs from side to side (alternative to Push open the window to admire the moon…)
  15. Turn to heaven with straight arms
    Keep the spine straight and open the heart while turning.
  16. Hold up the heaven and bow to earth (hold the feet) 托天攀足
    Hold up heaven stimulates the “Triple Warmer” and bow to earth strengthens the kidneys and waist according to Ba Duan Jin (this is combination of 1:st and 6:th brocade). Massage kidneys after each bend.
  17. Circle arms and open hips
    Make sure knees are above the feet – misalignment could cause knee problems.
  18. White snake spits out tongue 白蛇吐信
    Stretching the achilles and calf as well as the front thigh/hip.
  19. Eagle soars upward, bear stretches shoulders
    When eagle sours upward the shoulder blades touch each other but chest is not protruding out. When bear stretches shoulders the shoulder blades move out but the back is not hunched.
  20. Pointing to heaven and transform earth (指天化地). Same as 3:rd brocade (双臂举) in Ba Duan Jin where it is said to especially stimulate the stomach.
  21. Remove the helmet from behind 脑后摘盔
    90% weight on the standing leg.
  22. Draw the bow to shoot the vulture 开弓射雕. 2:nd brocade in Ba Duan Jin where it is said to exercise the waist area, focusing on the kidneys and spleen.
  23. Forward bend with lifted toe
    Keep the spine straight. The chin is longing for the toes.
  24. Sway the head and wiggle the tail 摇头摆尾. 5:th brocade in Ba Duan Jin where it is said to regulate the function of the heart and lungs. Its primary aim is to remove excess heat (or fire) (xin huo) from the heart. Dont move the legs up and down but stand firmly. Hands are only resting gently on each knee – dont use the hands to aid the movement.
  25. Monkey turns around 原猴转身
    Be very careful not to twist the knees and to keep a straight vertical line between hip and shoulder.
  26. Iron crutch Li admires the moon 拐李望月
    Look slightly upward and open the front side of the body.
  27. Massage the shoulders
  28. Tap arms and legs
  29. Large heavenly circulation 大周天

A video with most of the movements below:

Note: The movements that are omitted in the video above requires detailed personal instruction to be performed correctly. If done correctly they are excellent exercises but can be harmful if done incorrectly so hence I skipped them in the video.

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