Sun style Ba Gua Quan

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Sun style Ba Gua Quan
In most other forms of Cheng style Ba Gua there are three forms. The first one contains fixed postures. The other one focuses on body changes and the third one on eight animals. In Sun style Ba Gua these are all contained in a single form as follows: <ul> <li><a href="">兩儀單換掌 (Liǎng yí dān huàn zhǎng) </a>- Two powers, single palm change</li> <li><a href="">四象雙換掌(Sì xiàng shuāng huàn zhǎng)</a> - Four phases, double palm change</li> <li><a href="">☰ <span class="cn">乾卦獅形張嘴掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">qián guà shī xíng zhāng zuǐ zhǎng</span>) </a>- Heaven trigram Lion form gaping palm (also called lifting spear, upholding heaven etc.)</li> <li><a href="">☷ <span class="cn">坤卦麟形转身掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">Kūn guà lín xíng zhuǎnshēn zhǎng</span>) </a>- Earth trigram Unicorn form Turning body palm</li> <li><a href="">☵ <span class="cn">坎卦蛇形順勢掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">kǎn guà shé xíng shùnshì zhǎng</span>)</a> - Water trigram Snake form Smoothly following palm</li> <li><a href="">☲ <span class="cn">離卦鷂形返身掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">lí guà yào xíng fǎn shēn zhǎng</span>) </a>- Fire trigram Hawk form Overturning palm</li> <li><a href="">☳ <span class="cn">震卦龍形平托掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">zhèn guà lóng xíng píng tuō zhǎng</span>)</a> - Thunder trigram Dragon form Flat lifting palm</li> <li><a href="">☶ <span class="cn">艮卦熊形背身掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">gěn guà xióng xíng bèi shēn zhǎng</span>) </a>- Mountain trigram Bear form Behind the back palm</li> <li><a href="">☴ <span class="cn">巽卦鳳形回身掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">xùn guà fèng xíng huíshēn zhǎng</span>)</a> - Wind trigram Phoenix form Revolving body palm (also called embracing the ball palm)</li> <li><a href="">☱ <span class="cn">兌卦猴形双抱掌</span> (<span class="pinyin">duì guà hóu xíng shuāng bào zhǎng</span>)</a> - Lake trigram Monkey form double embracing palm</li> </ul> There are three ways to practice the form: <ol> <li style="list-style-type: none"> <ol> <li>Ding shi - each movement is clearly separated and distinguished from each other. [video width="400" height="224" mp4=""][/video]</li> <li>Lian Huan or Huo Bu - one is constantly walking and changes flows smoothly from one to the other</li> </ol> </li> </ol> [video width="480" height="360" mp4=""][/video] <ol> <li>You Shen or Bian Zhang - constantly flowing, changing and improvizing without any particular order or set way of practising (except for adhering to the fundamental principles).</li> </ol> Some branches of Sun style created formalized sets of longer forms such as 64 palms and a separate static postures set etc. Even though most (if not all) of these movements where taught by Sun Jian Yun when she was teaching You Shen Zhang, she did not teach any other formal set of movements except the one listed above. <a href="">Sun Lu Tangs book on Ba Gua Quan</a> <a href="">Paul Brennans translation of the same book</a>

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